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The Sixth international Women’s Alliances have come together to encourage women to use their vote in the 2013 federal election. We think that it is important that women’s voices are heard in this election. We want women to vote in a way that reflects the diverse lives and experience of women in Australia.


How Heath Ducker’s Story is Transforming Lives Today

How Heath Ducker Story is Transforming Lives Today

Heath Ducker story is a true definition of rags to riches. He is a young successful lawyer admired by many of his age mates and even older. He is a Youth Insearch Leader and works with Garden Lawyers, a law firm sought after by many. This young man has even been invited to talk to the prime minister and offer advice about youth affairs and welfare delivery.

Things were not always fine and dandy for Heath Ducker. He grew up the worst conditions imaginable, living in a shattered government building with no windows, destroyed floor with holes everywhere that allowed weeds in the house. He had nine siblings all from different fathers whom they never met and his mother who was emotionally delicate had to fend for all of them. They would go for days without a proper meal, in the morning they would share the little breakfast cereal present. One of the darkest days for Sheath however, was on his twelfth birthday when the father of his best friend abused him sexually.

Damaged and broken, Heath Ducker picked himself up and found the strength to move on. He believed that his only way out was to excel in education. He was determined to succeed and pass his examinations. He found a peaceful place to study away from the noise and other distractions. He would carry his books and climb a mulberry tree near his home then jump onto the roof. This was the only place he could concentrate on his studies.

Heath Ducker passed his exams and is now a successful lawyer with the passion and commitment to help the less privileged children like him. He understands how hard it is growing up in harsh conditions. He volunteers in teenage camps and participates in walks to support the youth. He is an inspiration to many proving indeed that your background does not determine your future.


The city of Rockhampton is located in Queensland, Australia. It sits right on the Fitzroy River and is close to the state capital of Brisbane. It’s divided to into territories of North and South and connects by a bridge. As of June 2014, there were more than 80,000 people that called this area home. With over 300 days of sunshine, it’s easy to see why it’s a tourist hot spot with plenty of outdoor activities.

Locals love to frequency the Riverbank Parklands. It sits right on the Fitzroy River and a great deal of this area is a national park. The area is known for vibrant festivals and celebrating many cultural events. The Multicultural Festival is held at the Heritage Village each year. Here, they showcase numerous market stalls with various displays. Sampling mouthwatering international foods and exploring other cultures is available.

Those who love the theater will enjoy the Pilbeam. It has seating for up to 1,200. They hold many national and international comedies. They have been there since 1978 and it is a center of entertainment and preforming arts for the area. It’s a great area with a rich cultural history and ample things to do.

Finding the Right Office 365 Support Melbourne

Finding the Right Office 365 Support Melbourne

Now that everyone is moving to the cloud with their technology Office 365 Support Melbourne has become quite a big deal. There are a lot of people that are interested in getting help with this because it allows people to access their documents from anywhere.

There are a plethora of companies that give people access to Office 365 Tech Migration Melbourne Support Melbourne because this is one of the biggest changes in Microsoft products. This isn’t the standard upgrade of the Office Suite. To the contrary, it is the mobile version of Office that people can access through the web. That is why some people may acquire help with this. There are quite a few people that are totally unfamiliar with the cloud so they may consider how Office 365 Support Melbourne companies can help with this new groundbreaking web-based office suite.

The thing that people have to consider is the role that IT companies have in Melbourne. Some companies are dedicated to a whole network of troubleshooting issues. There are others that may have the ability to support software applications. It is best to look for an Office 365 Support Melbourne company that supports cloud solutions. This is going to be the company that will probably also provide some support for web based applications.

There are many companies like Computer Troubleshooters in Australia that have extensive training options for companies that have employees that are using this software. That is best reason to seek Office 365 Support Melbourne. Sometimes it is about more than licensing and installing the product. There are going to be times when people will actually need to find out how to migrate users and set up file sharing.